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Hill Top Abode

Sai Anandam – Hill Top Abode at Muddenahalli

Our beloved Sai is back in subtle form and currently residing in a mountain top residence ‘Sai Anandam’ in Muddenahalli. Swami mentioned about spending the last few years of His life in a Hilltop abode to some close devotees. Just like Lord Venkateswara (atop Tirupathi) or Lord Subramaniam (atop Palani) or Lord Ayyappan (atop Sabarimala) or Lord Shiva (atop Mount Kailasa), our Lord chose this place as His future residence by laying the foundation stone Himself. Swami has called upon many of his old devotees in the subtle body and related to them things only known to them and Swami.

When asked about why some people are criticising and opposing the subtle form, he answered that “Conflict is there for those who see duality. For the one who sees Oneness, there is no conflict. Selfishness leads to conflict. It is selfishness which makes one see duality that leads to all conflicts. If the left hand is hurt, would the right hand not go out and help? Where is the conflict here? Both hands belong to the same body.

He also said that “I do not even want any work to happen under the name ‘Sathya Sai’, since I am not hankering after name or fame. Let good work happen through a church, or a mosque or a Gurudwara. Let it happen through any institutions, anywhere in the world. If there is good work going on, I will support it, so should you. All good work is God’s work. Swami does not see any conflict there.

The Road is the same. The Goal is the same. It is just the car that has changed.

Swami’s focus on providing drinking water, free education, free healthcare for the poor and needy in remote areas where there are no existing medical facilities has not changed as He has inspired a new Super Speciality Hospital in Raipur and many new education institutions in Karnataka after leaving his mortal frame and reappearing in the subtle body. Watch the following inspiring video by Sri Narsimha Murthy about how Swami is guiding these new projects through his subtle body.

Disclaimer: Subtle body appearance is not recognised by the official Sathya Sai Organisation body governed by the Prasanthi Council. This blog is not affiliated with Muddenahalli campus in any way in spite of carrying numerous references and links back to them in its content. This is a personal blog based on my personal experience and my individual opinions which you may or may not agree with. Swami alone can decide when the time is right for an individual to accept His subtle form. Everyone is free to make their own judgement based on their own experience. Peace to all. Om Sri Sairam.


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