“WHEN Sri Krishna declared in the Gita that the Lord descends as Avatar to punish the wicked and protect the good, it does not mean that the Avatars purpose is to destroy evil-doers. Evil refers to bad thoughts. These thoughts are in everyone. It is these that have to be destroyed. Dharma is Divinity Itself. The Vedas seek to promote good thoughts; eliminate ideas of evil, and help mankind to lead the good life. Hence they have to be cherished and fostered. If the injunctions given in the Vedas and Sastras are followed by mankind, they will be freed from affliction. Most of our troubles have arisen because we have forgotten the Vedas. The earth has always had the power of attraction. But the scientist Newton carried out experiments and discovered the earth’s gravitational pull. The earth had the power of attraction before Newton’s discovery. Likewise, the Vedic sages had carried out spiritual explorations on the basis of the Vedas. Because their findings were made known in Bharat, it cannot be said that the Vedas are not to be found anywhere else. The Vedas encompass the whole world and are immanent everywhere.

Bharatiyas cannot deny the truth about gravitation merely because a foreigner like Newton discovered it. Similarly others outside India cannot deny the validity of the Vedas because the Bharatiyas discovered their truth.

Decline of respect for Vedas in India

As a matter of fact, many in other countries revere the Vedas. Max Mueller made a thorough study of the origin and content of the Vedas and wrote tomes about them. He studied the Vedas diligently to understand the meanings of the hymns. He devoted a lifetime to these studies. From “Max Mueller” he became known as “Mokshamula.” The tragedy of the present situation in India is that Bharatiyas do not esteem the Vedas as highly as the foreigners. Destitution in India has grown with the decline of respect for the Vedas, which had been the fountain-source of its prosperity. The Brahmanas as a class must be held responsible for the decline of the Vedas. If they had cared to protect the Vedas in the proper way, the nation would not have fallen on evil days. At least now, they should open their eyes and try to promote the study of the Vedas on proper lines. In the Sai Educational Institutions students from the primary classes to the Ph.D. level are studying Vedas. Students are being given the encouragement they deserve. It is because students in most of the other educational institutions are allowed to go astray that the nation is plunged in confusion and chaos. People tend to speak in one way and act differently. It is this dichotomy that has resulted in the public disregard for the Vedas. If those in responsible positions do not live up to their words, how can the people have faith in them?

Be fearless in propagating Vedas

Embodiments of Divine Love! Every individual should take a pledge to nourish the Vedas on right lines. The welfare of the nation and the prosperity of the world are dependent on the Vedas. Within another ten or twenty year, even the few who possess the Vedic knowledge may not remain. Hence there is urgent need to take concerted measures to provide the resources and the encouragement for the propagation of the Vedic studies. The Vedas are not to be used as a means of earning a livelihood. The Vedas are a means of establishing a link with the Divine. They are not to be used for entertaining the public. Those who have studied the Vedas must dedicate their lives to promote the Vedas. Only then would they be serving the cause of restoring the glory of Bharat’s ancient heritage. Today all the ceremonies prescribed by the Vedas are being given up. Most people are engaged in meaningless superstitions. How many are adhering to the injunctions of the Vedas? People must be prepared to adhere to them even at the cost of their lives. The Vedas must be considered as their life itself. Only those who have this determination and conviction are competent to propagate the Vedas.

Be fearless in propagating the Vedas among the people. When you are proclaiming the Truth, why have any fear? Only those who preach falsehood have to be afraid. Is your life in danger? What if life goes? There is nothing nobler than giving up one’s life in defence of the Vedas.

It is in such a spirit of dauntless determination that you should undertake revival of Vedic knowledge. You must practise what you profess and then impart the knowledge to others.

Vedas pervade everything

Every human being must revere the Vedas. It is the very foundation of life. Every act of daily life has its roots in the Vedas. Whether everyone knows this or not, the Vedas pervade everything. In the yajna, Sri Narayana himself appears as the embodiment of Veda Yajna is the manifestation of Narayana. Yajna means Thyaga (sacrifice). Sacrifice really means giving up all bad thoughts, egoism, evil qualities, impure desires and wrong actions. Only then will the vision of the Divine be experienced. In an empty mind, you can put anything. But how do you empty a brain that is filled with all kinds of rubbish? And without emptying it, how can you find place for pure thoughts? Your hearts are filled with all kinds of feelings. How can you fill them with the nectar of the Vedas? Everyone must regard it as his foremost duty to work for the revival of the Vedas and live the Vedic way of life.”

-Bhagwan Sri Sathya Saibaba, Discourse at Poornachandra Auditorium,Prashanthi Nilayam on 28-9-1987.


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