Sri Sathya Sai Vrinda, created under the auspices of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, is an amalgamation of several complementary Vrindas or groups, to bring together like minded individuals who wish to engage in selfless service. The five Vrindas – Yuva Vrinda, Seva Vrinda, Vishwa Vrinda, Veda Vrinda and Vaidya Vrinda are conceived for members from all communities and age-groups to actively participate in service activities wherever they may be located.

Yuva Vrinda comprises of volunteers residing in India under the age of 35 years, while those above 35 are to be part of Seva Vrinda. Like the name suggests, Veda Vrinda promotes and encourages the chanting of Vedas around the globe irrespective of religion, country or gender and helps people comprehend the underlying broader interpretation of the Vedic mantras. Vishwa Vrinda is the umbrella under which volunteers from overseas undertake service activities to benefit the society. And Vaidya Vrinda is a platform for all healthcare professionals to come together to serve the needy who cannot afford the escalating healthcare costs.

The purpose of this website is to act as an enabler of service, pointing those that wish to participate in service (seva) to the opportunities available in their respective groups. One can even be part of upcoming events at Muddenahalli by signing up as a volunteer. Also chronicled on this site are experiences of devotees of Bhagawan who have been inspired by Him in various ways. Regular updates about the happenings at Muddenahalli will be featured here as well.

This website (SRI SATHYA SAI VRINDA) has been in built in accordance with guidance from Bhagawan Baba and will always be a resource for inspiration as directed by Him.

The exhortation of the Upanishads:

This Sadhana of Service should not be polluted by the spirit of competition among the sadhaks or even by dejection when obstacles loom large. God’s grace will certainly be your support when you are on the march together to reveal the Atmic spring of strength, to people suffering from weakness. “Together”! That is the key to success. The Upanishads also teach the same lesson. Saha naa vavathu; Saha nau bhunakthu; Saha Veeryam Karavaavahai. In other words, the exhortation of the Upanishad is:

Together, all together, we shall toil and travel;
Together, all together, we shall steadily grow.
Together, all together, we shall feed and foster
Fortune and friendship, full vigour and virtue.
Together, all together, the knowledge we have gained
We shall brighten, and brighten, till it enlightens all.
Together, all together, we shall share as friends
The fortune we have earned, the vision and thrill.
Together, all together, we shall acclaim Peace
Till we raise its praise into worshipful deeds.
Together, all together, we shall intone the Pranava
OM, OM, OM, OM–we shall together sing.

You have in you both the talent and the desire to uplift your fellow men. This country needs your service urgently today. God welcomed the urge to manifest the Cosmos. Ekoham Bahusyaam (I am One; I shall become Many), He said to Himself. You must also feel the need to blossom and expand. Derive Ananda in the process, ‘possess it and share it, in order to increase it. The Upanishads proclaim the message of courage, of strength. Give up the idea that you are weak and helpless. ‘Na Ayam Atma balaheenena labhyah’ (The Atma cannot be gained by the weak). Believe that you have in you the strength and skill you need. Those who can sing Bhajans (spiritual chorus) can, as a beginning, lead villagers in Nagara Sankirtan (street singing of spirituals) and teach them to sing in groups. Those who can speak on spiritual topics can gather the people, when they have returned from the fields, and explain to them, in simple language the mystery of God, Nature and Man. Persuade them to give up habits that undermine their health and peace. Promote in them the qualities of mutual aid, truthfulness and non-violence.

– Valedictory discourse at Akhila Andhra Saadhu Parishath on 4-1-1987

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