My Mission Is Not Yet Over

My Mission Is Not Yet Over

Swami wrote to His elder brother Seshama Raju way back in 1947:

  • I have a Task: To foster all mankind, and ensure for all people lives full of Ananda.
  • I have a Vow: To lead all who stray away from the straight path, again into goodness and save them.
  • I am attached to a ‘Work’ that I love: To remove the suffering of the poor and grant them what they lack.
  • I have a reason to be proud, for I rescue all who worship and adore Me.
Ancient Vedic Hymns Describe various aspects of Divinity

Vedas describe various aspects of Divinity

God works in mysterious ways beyond human perception or comprehension. As the Vedas proclaim, He is grossest of the gross and subtlest of the subtle. Sometimes It is hard to comprehend the words of our beloved Swami, the Adi Purusha who is extolled in the ancient Vedic hymns as ‘Guna Traya Teetah’ (beyond attributes), ‘Deha Traya Teetah’ (beyond form) and ‘Kala Traya Teetah’ (beyond time). Some of his utterances may cause confusion in our minds but we should not forget that His divine sankalpa (divine will) is also Vajra Sankalpa (immutable will). 

Subtle Body Muddenhalli

Energy“No one can say with finality that God is only ‘this’ and nothing else. He is formless, and again He has forms. For the bhakta He assumes forms. But He is formless for the jnani, that is, for him who looks on the world as a mere dream. The bhakta feels that he is one entity and the world another. Therefore God, reveals Himself to him as a Person. But the jnani — the Vedantist, for instance — always reasons, applying the process of ‘Not this, not this’. Through this discrimination he realizes, by his inner perception, that the ego and the universe are both illusory, like a dream. Then the jnani realizes Brahman in his own consciousness. He cannot describe what Brahman is.” – Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

In fact Sai baba has been reminding us from the Shirdi days, that ‘Shraddha‘ (Faith) and ‘Saburi‘ (Patience) are the two most cardinal principles of Sai Mission. Shirdi Sai Baba explicitly asked for these two qualities in His devotees by giving his self-experiential instance that his ‘Murshid‘ or Master asked from him only two pice – one Shraddha and other the Saburi.

faith and patience

faith and patience

If you look back and think how the Super Speciality Hospital in the remote village of Puttaparthi was completed in record time, you would begin to understand and appreciate the subtle but precise movements of the divine cosmic will.

It is also worthwhile to reacquaint ourselves with the enormity of drinking water projects in the arid areas of Andhra Pradesh or the inspiring saga of Chennai Water project which was in ‘too hard to do basket’ for the central and state governments of India for many years. Swami simply willed it to happen. He made this announcement in his most unassuming and inimitable style when no one was expecting it. Swami said ” Let it be very difficult, Let it be the most stupendous task, Bhagavan has decided to supply drinking water to Madras.” Watch the video below to relive those moments.

I would like to share this beautiful video of how Swami’s chose Dharmakshetra in Mumbai as His Karmakshetra. On 12th May, 1968, the ‘Dharmakshetra’, an architectural jewel fittingly built on an elevated spot commanding a panoramic view of the environs of Mumbai was inaugurated. This was also the birthplace of Sathya Sai Organisation in India, Sathya Sai Seva Dal (volunteer team) and Bal Vikas (SSE or Sathya Sai Spiritual Education as it is known outside India). After watching this video, you will be filled with amazement about how the Lord chooses a place so meticulously to spread his glory and joy all around the world as part of His divine cosmic will. Listen to Indulal Shah describe this beautiful episode from the divine saga in his own words.

85 Glorious Years with Sathya Sai Baba

85 Glorious Years with Bhagavan

When Swami left his mortal coil on 24th April 2011, many devotees felt that Sai mission has come to an end and His legacy will be remembered only by the events that took place before Maha Samadhi. I think it was a test for all of us about how sincerely we believe in His words. Many devotees even those who were very closely associated with Him could not understand that Swami does not need a physical body to continue His mission. How about some of His future predictions? The following video provides a glimpse into the future about how the divine cosmic will is going to unfold in various projects all across India and the whole world.

From what I understand is that Swami is paving the way for the next Avathar Prema Sai who is going to be based in Karnataka as He predicted before. Just as a farmer starts removing weeds, leveling the ground, tilling the soil and mending fences around the farmland before the rain arrives, in my humble opinion Swami has already started preparatory work by undertaking many social welfare projects in Karnataka before the arrival of Prema Sai. Just as Swami chose Dharmakshetra in Mumbai as the very first international centre for Sai family in 1968, he has now chosen Muddenahalli for his future work through the Sookshama Shareera or the subtle body. Whether we believe in His words or not is our choice but His Glory and His divine mission would continue to spread all over the world, no matter what, that is the divine assurance of the Lord,

Proposed Mandya School Building

Proposed Mandya School Building

Super Speciality Hospital in Raipur

Super Speciality Hospital in Raipur

During the subtle body visit of Swami to Australia, Sri C. Sreenivas spoke in detail about this unique heart shaped Super Speciality Hospital in Raipur and how it was completed in a record time of 10 months. Swami personally communicated all the relevant details through Madhusudhan Rao Naidu to Sri C. Sreenivas during various stages of this project.

If you drink water from a silver tumbler or a gold tumbler or a glass tumbler, what is most important is that the thirst should be quenched. It is not the tumbler that quenches the thirst, it is the water. As long as there is pure love, whichever organization or whichever group, it does not matter to me. As long as it serves humanity and through service, they will purify themselves. Ocean may be very big, but even if you have a small boat, you will be able to cross over the ocean. You don’t need to get as big a boat as is the ocean. Likewise, even a few good people can take people across. A few good people is all that is required, who are self sacrificing, who have no other motive other than helping others. If you help others, I will help you. – Subtle Body Discourse KL 13th March 2015

During the inauguration of  Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli on 19th June, 2014, he explained why he left His physical body and revealed His future vision for Sathya Sai Education.

My mission is not just education. Mission is transformation. The students and teachers should remember that we have to learn here not only Apara Vidya – material education, but also Para Vidya – spiritual education, which grants Self Realisation.

SUBTLE BODY DISCOURSE 19-JUN-2014 (<- click here to download)

lamp of loveThe best way to spread Swami’s teachings is to reach out and spread his Love in the form of selfless service. He has earmarked these areas: Educare (Vidya), Healthcare (Vaidya) and Sociocare by providing Clean drinking water (Vaari) and Clean energy (Vidyuth) to the masses. Swami wants us to become that lamp of selfless love that lights another thousand lamps.

“Develop Truth and Love. Everything will be added to you, unasked. Man and God (Nara and Narayana) are the two wires – the positive and the negative, that combine to bring electricity through. Man (Nara) will become the instrument of God (Narayana), if you have acquired the two qualities, Divine Love and Truth.” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba Divine Discourse, July 25, 1958.

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Fullness of the Infinite

Subtle vs Gross – The fullness of the Infinite

“The Upanishad says, “Purnam adah: that origin of all things is full; purnam idam: this entire creation that has come from that origin of all things is also full; purnat purnamudachyate: from that Full this Full has come; purnasya purnam adaya: having taken away this Full from that Full; purnam evavasisyate: the Full still remains unaffected.”

If we take something from something, the source is supposed to be diminished in its content to the extent of that which has been taken away from it. This is common arithmetic. If we take something from something, the quantum of content in the original reservoir is lessened. If the world has come from God, some part of God must have gone to constitute this world and, to that extent, God must be less. Is it so?

The Upanishad says it is not so. If we take away infinite from infinite, the Infinite is not reduced in any way, because one cannot take away anything from the Infinite. Therefore, if this so-called infinite of creation is taken to have emanated from that supreme Fullness of Infinity, it need not follow that there is some diminution of content in the original Fullness. After the emanation of this full universe from the full Origin, the Fullness still continues to be as it was, undiminished.”  – Lessons from the Upanishads by Swami Krishnananda, Divine Life Society

“Swami has always existed. He exists now and will continue to exist in future. He takes various forms just like the water vapour transforms into water and further transforms into ice. The divinity materialises in various forms to that man can touch, feel and experience it. It is difficult to comprehend this phenomenon as man bound by the limitation of time, space and circumstances. Human effort is needed to understand this Truth. If you tell a child that stars are bigger than the moon, he may not believe you as he sees the moon bigger than the stars. If you explain the same to higher class boys, they would understand the logic and accept it. If you tell a child that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, he would immediately believe it as he understands the concept of directions. If you tell him that sun neither rises nor sets and it is earth which rotates about its own axis, he would not believe you. He believes in what he can see and experience with his own physical eyes.

But there is much more to absolute reality that lies beyond the physical eyes. Lord Shiva has a third eye. It is not the physical eye but the faculty of inner vision. It is represented as an eye on the forehead. It takes a bit of analysis and effort to understand the reality that lies beyond physical sensory perception.

Here is an example: consider steam, water and ice. What is the difference in them? All of these forms are essentially the same compound. Can we hold steam in our hands and taste it? In order to hold water in your hands, you will need to condense steam into liquid water and into ice!”  – Extract from the Subtle body discourse of Swami

Water in different forms

Water in different forms

Water Compound

Water Compound

Here is an interesting story about Swami’s surprise visit to London in 1993. One fine Sunday Morning, Mr. K. N. P. Nayar answered the doorbell to find Swami standing at his door. Mr. Nayar and wife then took Baba on a sightseeing tour of London which is described in this video in great detail.

On the holy day of Shivaratri in 1962, which fell on 4 March, Baba advised the thousands who had witnessed the emergence of two golden Lingas from Him, “Why do you discuss and debate among yourselves about My nature, My Mystery, My miracle, My reality? Fish cannot gauge the sky; the gross can grasp only the gross.”

“The eye cannot see the ear, though it is so near. When you cannot reach down to your own reality, why waste time trying to explore the essence of God? You are like a Telugu audience sitting through a Tamil picture, or a Malayali sitting through a Japanese film. The nuances, the subtler significances, the deeper meanings and interrelationships, the inner patterns of the fabric, are beyond your understanding. Sit through the entire film; master the language and the technique; watch earnestly and vigilantly and try to imbibe the meaning of every gesture, act and word; then, you may know Me, a little.

sai darshan

Sathya Sai Baba walking amongst devotees

Earlier Darshan was meditation. When you walked into Prashanthi Nilayam and saw Swami, you forgot everything else. You would have one pointed concentration on Swami. That is meditation. Now, meditation is darshan. Now if you can keep your mind concentrated on Swami, you will experience his His Presence – not only within you but even outside. – Subtle Body Discourse, 22nd June 2014 at Singapore

backstage pass

Earlier I was available to everyone, as I took on the human form just like you and came down to the physical world to be with you, walk amongst you, help you experience what Divinity is like, what pure love is like. Now the public show is over. If you want to meet the Actor, you have to be go backstage. and for that, you have to have a pass. Purity is the pass.

– Subtle Body Discourse, 12th July 2014 at Muddenahalli

“Purity is always present in the heart. Just as the chaff covers the grain of rice, purity is covered by the chaff of impurities. If you wish to eat the grain of rice, you need to remove the chaff first. If you want to eat a banana, you have to remove the peel first. If you want to eat an orange, you have to remove the rind. The heart is always pure, but it is covered by desires. Desires make the heart impure. What kind of desires? The bitter rind around the orange is like the selfish desires you have; they pollute the heart. That makes the purity unavailable to you. If you remove that selfish desires, you will immediately experience the the purity of your heart. So, the next time you go to Lord Ganesha temple, don’t tell him, “Ganesha, let me score the top marks in my mathematics examination.”  You should say, “Let all of us score top marks in our mathematics examination”.

– Subtle Body Discourse, 16th May 2014 at Kodaikanal

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Sri Sathya Sai Hospital Raipur

Latest Update from Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital in Raipur


Update from Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital Raipur


Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Team

This Hospital was inspired and completed in record time by direct instructions given by Swami In Subtle body which was communicated by Madhusudhan to Shri C Sreenivas, Chairman, Sri Sathya Sai Health & Education Trust. Shri C Shreenivas spoke about it in one the sessions during Swami’s Subtle Body visit to Australia.


To find out more about Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital at Raipur, visit their facebook page link:

Sai's Message

Thus spake the Lord

  • Swami is reflected in a pure and equanimous mind. For example, if you want to see the reflection of the sky in a lake, two conditions have to be met. First, the water should be pure; because in muddy water, you will not be able to see even your own reflection. Second, water should be still and calm. Otherwise disturbed water with ripples will pervert the reflection of sky.”
  • “Everyone in this world has four types of bodies – Sthoola Shareera – the physical body; Sookshma Shareera – the subtle body; Ati Sookshma Shareera – the higher subtle body; and Para Sookshma Shareera – the omnipresent super subtle body. Sthoola Shareera is the physical body which anyone can see. Right now, I am not in my physical body, but in the Sookshma Shareera (subtle body) which is beyond the physical. In My Sookshma Shareera, I can move to any part of the world without taking any time. In My Ati Sookshma Shareera, I enter the dreams and meditations of people and guide them. In Para Sookshma Shareera, I am present in every atom. At this point of time, you are in your physical body and if you are in a room, you cannot see what is outside, since there is a wall in between. But Sookshma Shareera is not bound by desha, Kala and paristhiti (space, time and circumstances) and therefore cannot be seen with physical eyes”
  • “Though butter is present in the milk, one cannot see it. To make it visible, milk must be boiled, curdled and churned. Thus, to manifest butter physically, the milk must undergo a process of refinement (PariShuddhi). Swami has always existed. He exists now and will continue to exist in future. He takes various forms just like the water vapour transforms into water and further transforms into ice. The divinity materialises in various forms so that man can touch, feel and experience it.”
  • “Earlier, I was in the Physical Body. Now, I am in the Subtle Body. It was easy to believe when I was in the Physical Body. Now it requires greater purity to perceive and believe Me in the Subtle Body. Here is an example: when children are in the First Standard, the teacher tells them, ‘The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.’ The children believe it, and they can also see it happening every morning and evening. This makes it easy to believe what their teacher says. When the same children go to the Sixth Standard, their teacher tells them, ‘The sun neither rises nor sets. The sun is stationary and the Earth rotates on its own axis and revolves round the sun, which causes day and night to occur.’ The children will believe that also, even though they cannot see what the teacher says. You believed Me when I was in the physical body; then you were in the First Standard. Now, you have to grow up to the level of the Sixth Standard students to believe in Me in the Subtle Body.”
  • “In the next ten years, many important events will take place all over the world. Swami will manifest Himself in many ways in many places, simultaneously. This is happening right now. All around the globe, there are people who are experiencing Swami. Not outside, but within. The days of interview are over. It is time now for the inner view! It is time now for the inner net, not internet. As long as you have purity of heart, you can always feel My presence.
  • “The proof of divinity is the joy in your heart. The proof of rain is the wetness of the soil. When the soil is wet, you know that it must have rained. When the heart is filled with love and joy, then you know that God is very much there. Tears of Joy well up in your eyes when you feel the presence of Divinity. A dry heart and dry mind full of logic will never be able to experience that. You need the right instrument for the right dish to eat. Is it possible to eat daal with fork? It is not possible. You need a spoon to eat daal. Similarly, the mind is not the instrument to understand Divinity. It is in the pure heart that the reflection of God can bee seen.”
  • Someone asked this in a Q&A session – “Swami why is it that you are seen only to a select few and not others”. He replied- “For 85 years I undertook the task of teaching you all the simple rules of life, some followed but a large majority forgot the message and got stuck to the form. Now I have the supreme task of making sure that each one of you follow my message. If each one of you start following my message then I will manifest in front of you”.
  • Answering another question –  “Where do these schools and hospitals fit in in this process of making man a divine being?”  Swami said “I am spending crores of rupees on these institutions not to spread education or heal people, its just to give you all an opportunity to come and light the lamps of love and spread that light to a thousand other lamps.”
  • My mission is not just education. Mission is transformation. The students and teachers should remember that we have to learn here not only Apara Vidya – material education, but also Para Vidya – spiritual education, which grants Self Realisation.
  • When someone asked ” Which mantra will help us calm our minds and get closer to God?”. Swami replied ” This is not Dr Pillay’s clinic, where I can give you a tablet for you to swallow and make you healthy! I have never given mantras and will never do so. Seva (service) and Prema (love) are like the two wings of a bird, which can help it to fly high. Similarly, these two can help you spiritually by purifying and calming your mind and take you closer to God.
  • “If one spits at the sky, the spit will fall on his own face and nothing will happen to the sky. I am untouched by praise or blame; or by pleasure and pain; because, I am beyond all attributes!”

– Quotes from Subtle Body Discourses published in book form as “Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha‘ by Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana, Mandya, Karnataka India